When we have to evaluate a radical change or, for instance,the implementation of a so new technology, most people tend to evaluate only the costs and benefits of any investment, based on these evaluations then you make a decision.

In some cases, if the decision not to act turns out to be wrong, there is time to recover the situation but in other cases, as very often happens, there is no time to recover and a devastating chain reaction is triggered.

It is precisely this last case that I would like to deal with as we receive a fundamental lesson…

It was back in 2016 when the world was overwhelmed by a tsunami of buzzwords used in every talk, meeting up to the point of shaping entire corporate strategies.
The most used were Innovation, Digital Innovation, IoT, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence,DISRUPTIVE!! … they like a virus infected vocabularies all over the world and people began to use them in a confused way until they became a weapon of mass destruction. …

In this article I would like to bring some considerations deriving from about 20 years of experience in the world of digitization.
In 80% of cases, at least when we are not talking about Google, Amanzon or another Hi-Tech giant, your company does not have the following tools to be able to create an artificial intelligence project that really works:
1) Top-Down roadmap for digitization
2) Skill
3) Corporate culture
4) Data
In the vast majority of cases, companies have tried to forge ahead by relying on external consultants who obviously with a 13-week POC promise to achieve the required goal.
The result is that in 90%…


Source:https://cloud.google.com/kubernetes-engine/kubernetes-comic/assets/panel-8.png, Art und Story von Scott Mccloud

Container what?!?!

Yes i know a lot of software developers still today are not so confident about this technology, so the target of this article is to provide a simple understanding and the pros vs cons aspect of it.

Today the most of aplications are defined as Momolithic that rmean a single-tiered software application in which the user interface and data access code are combined into a single program from a single platform.

The Monolithic application have the following cons. :

  1. each applications require a Virtual Machine with his operating system, CPUs, RAM and so on.
  2. If you have to…

Flavio Cerato

I'm a digital innovation manager with a 20 years of experience in ICT and in particular Sotware Architecture.

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